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Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of ReBIT’s Foundation day
Journey so far and the forward march

We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly, but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey, or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way.

Gloria Gaither, songwriter and author

ReBIT celebrated its 3rd foundation day on 4 July, 2019. It was definitely a “day to remember” as ReBITians reflected on their journey and values as a part of the ReBIT family. The third anniversary was a special occasion to pause, celebrate and reaffirm the company’s mission.

On this memorable occasion, ReBITians braved the rain gods to gather and celebrate at their new office at Mindspace, Juinagar. The milestone was perfect to contemplate on the three-year long journey that the public start-up has traversed, which had started from a small space at the RBI, Belapur office. The office reception was tastefully decorated with flower-rangolis adorning the entrance and the zone was soon converted into a ‘Selfie-spot.’ The day commenced on a sweet note with the distribution of chocolates.

After a scrumptious lunch, a laughter act by comedian Shaurya Tyagi was planned. ReBITians had a gala time at the ice-breaking remarks; and the HR department was extremely pleased when Shaurya announced to try his luck at a full time job by submitting his resume! He shared funny anecdotes about living in Mumbai versus his life in Delhi and many in the audience could relate to it.

After a session of laughter, the 15-minute ReBIT corporate video was played to introduce the new members to the building blocks of ReBIT culture, and its evolution, mission, vision and culture. ReBIT’s VP Corporate Centre Shenoj Balaraman laid down the context of the meet and spoke about his experience at ReBIT. He then invited all ReBITians for a time travel talk, and a trip down the memory lane.

 ReBIT VP Corporate Centre Shenoj Balaraman

Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT reminisced about the pleasant instances from the initial days at RBI Belapur office and the warm hospitality and support extended by senior RBI officials. He further emphasised on the need to aspire for higher work quality standards and to continue fulfilling the mission for which the institution was created.

Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT.jpg

Different verticals recounted and cherished their experiences, led by their respective head. The oldest and the youngest employee, in terms of their stint at ReBIT were invited to elaborate on their joining motivation, memorable moments in the organisation, encomium from stakeholders, challenging projects and messages to fellow colleagues. Joseph Joshy, Senior Vice President and head of Project Management vertical at ReBIT, related an interesting story from Ramayana to drive the point of continuity in business by focussing on the primary objective. Different team members shared stories about their interviews at ReBIT, their expectations, achievements, motivations and future goals.

ReBIT Team Members at the third anniversery of REBIT foundation day.jpg

At the end, the four youngest members of the ReBIT family cut the anniversary cake. The CEO presented a token of appreciation to each ReBITian for their contribution wrapping up the event. The vibe, energy and the reminiscing denoted the spirit of OneRebit culture in the true sense.

ReBITs youngest employees by date of joining.jpg

While we at ReBIT realize that we have miles more to go, we enjoy our journey together and as a team. As one of the ReBITians remarked, ‘The foundation is strong, the pitch is laid, now we have to learn to play consistently well”.