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Consultant- SAP Security


This position is closed as on 2020-09-30

Reporting Structure

Reports to SAP Program Manager 


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering



  1. 3 to 6-years of relevant experience
  2. Experience in Previous SAP implementation(s) is a must


Preferably from a Technology, ITES, Shared Services or Banking organization



  1. System Landscape Design (work closely with BASIS and DBAs)
  2. Perform User administration and role/profile assignment.
  3. Perform User/role creation, modification and full trouble shooting
  4. Perform preventive maintenance activities
  5. Support for the user’s authorization failures in all SAP applications and resolving the Security issues
  6. Support in integration testing of Roles/Profiles
  7. Check Infrastructure feasibility from security perspective (For Portals exposed to internet or extranet work closely with network providers for firewall security, VPS etc.)
  8. Propose security guidelines, access policies, disaster recovery plan, business continuity roadmap (work closely with information security consultants and internal auditors or risk management teams)
  9. Implement SAP solution specific Security measures (involves almost every SAP solution) for example: SAP R/3 security, GRC, BW/BI, HR, FI, Portal security etc
  10. Participate in application integration for example: LDAP, IDM, SAP UME, shared directories etc (User master records security is on high priority).
  11. Check for any possible backdoor access vulnerabilities (ex: open RFCs, function modules like ping_rfc), and it involves almost all SAP solutions and there are special procedures to analyze such vulnerabilities.


Certifications (any one)

SAP Related Certification (preferred)

Employment Type

All positions are on fixed term contract on a full-time basis exclusively for ReBIT, initially for a period of Five years, extendable by mutual consent


Mumbai, India