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Data Analyst / Sr. Data Analyst – Data Science


This position is closed as on 2020-10-18

Reporting Structure

Reports to Manager / Sr. Manager - IT Projects


Bachelor's degree in quantitative field (mathematics, quantitative methods, computer science, engineering, finance etc.) 


Advanced degree is a plus

Experience/ Qualifications

  • 3-8 years’ experience in Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Expertise in at least 3 of the following: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Document Classification, Topic Modeling, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)
  • Experience with open-source NLP toolkits such as CoreNLP, OpenNLP, NLTK, gensim, LingPipe, Mallet, etc.
  • Experience with open-source ML/math toolkits such as scikit-learn, MLlib, Theano, NumPy, etc.


Preferably from a Technology, ITES, Shared Services or Banking organization

Key Responsibilities

  • Build, Improve and extend NLP capabilities
  • Select the proper annotated datasets for supervised learning techniques
  • Use effective text representation techniques to develop useful features
  • Identify and utilize the correct algorithms for specific NLP projects
  • Develop NLP projects in accordance with prescribed requirements
  • Train developed NLP models and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Conduct statistical analyses of models, and adjust models where possible
  • Extend machine learning frameworks and libraries for NLP projects


Certification in Google Tensor Flow, Hadoop, Python, SQL, R is desirable

Employment Type

All positions are on fixed term contract on a full-time basis exclusively for ReBIT, initially for a period of five years, extendable by mutual consent


BKC (Mumbai)