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Technology Analyst-API Development


This position is closed as on 2020-08-10

Job Title

Technology Analyst-API Development

Reporting Structure

The role is part of Project Management vertical


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Master’s degree preferred











  • 3-6 years of industry experience with experience as API Developer/Designer
  • Experience in designing and validating complex API based ecosystems.
  • The API Developer should be able to manage all the stages of API Lifecycle including designing, developing, testing, and deployment.
  • The API Developer would also be tasked to handle version management of API during the lifecycle.
  • 2 years of experience working with either Java, Python or Node.js.
  • Experience creating OpenAPI/Swagger specifications.
  • Knowledge OWASP top 10 vulnerability
  • Mandatory Skills -


Solution Component

API Management

Red Hat 3 Scale API Management

Micro service Web Framework

Red Hat Application Runtime

Software versioning system

BitBucket, Git

Unit Testing

Selenium, Postman


Information Technology


  • Design and publish of the interface specifications for batch file submission and APIs.
  • Manage API / Data submission life cycle management activities
  • Manage API Change Control
  • Manage API sandbox & integration
  • Implement API / Data submission security services.
  • Design and publish the interface specifications for the APIs
  • Design User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
  • Ensure CI/CD process and engage in vendor sprints
  • Ensure evaluation of test architecture for API testing
  • Design low-latency and high-availability API Ecosystems.
  • Assist in design of APIs to core consistent standards
  • Build and create API Proxies
  • Set up an API Gateway
  • Develop API Policies & Shared Flows
  • Design, Implement & Support solutions for API security, authentication, identity management, traffic management, analytics, versioning, and performance management for APIs
  • Run test scripts against API to ensure quality delivery
  • Implement API / Data submission security services.

Additional Skills and certification

  • Experience in automating builds, testing, and deploying applications within a CI/CD framework
  • Understanding of Proxy Networks, Micro service Architecture
  • Relevant Industry Certifications

Job Location

  • BKC, Mumbai

Employment Type

  • All positions are on fixed term contract on a full-time basis exclusively for ReBIT, initially for a period of five years, extendable by mutual consent