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Full Stack Application Developer

Navi Mumbai, India

This position is closed as on 2021-01-07


Reporting Structure

The role is part of Research and Innovation vertical.

Job Description

We’re looking for a full stack application developer for RBI’s project developed by ReBIT’s research and innovation vertical. This role demands creation and management of web applications for various projects. This role also demands client side traveling for implementation and maintenance during project life cycle. Full stack developer is expected to write front end and backend code along with SQL/PL-SQL queries and follow best practices in coding and security.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/ Technology

Science or equivalent. Master’s degree preferred.


6+ years of total web application development experience with expertise in following:

Minimum 4 years of experience in Java

Minimum 2 years of experience in Spring Boot

Minimum 2 years of experience in React JS

Experience in REST API

Experience in MVC, MVVM and other design patterns.

Experience in writing SQL/PL-SQL queries

Sound knowledge of Junit and Mockito

Experience in debugging and troubleshooting of production applications.

Sound knowledge of packaging and deployment of the application.


Preferably from a Technology, ITES, Shared Services or Banking organization


  • Full Stack development including Frontend, Backend, Databases, Services etc.
  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient codes.
  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability applications.
  • Implementation of security and data protection as per industry best practices.
  • Write automated tests to ensure stability of the application.
  • Maintain source code and help with continuous integration and delivery of the application.
  • Application packaging and deployment.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficient in data structures, OOPS concepts and algorithms.
  • ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Spring Framework, ORM framework like Hibernate, Cache like Redis, JMS, SQL/PL-SQL.
  • Automated testing using Junit, Mockito
  • Knowledge of Nginx, Tomcat or equivalent web and app servers.
  • Experience in UNIX/Linux commands.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML or JSON based RESTful design methodology. Implementation experience is required.
  • Must be aware of implementing latest authentication frameworks like JWT, OAuth etc.
  • Fundamental understanding of design principles behind a scalable application.
  • Knowledge of OWASP top 10 vulnerability and Web application security fundamentals.


  • Knowledge of NoSQL like MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
  • Knowledge of reactive programming.
  • Knowledge of other programming languages and frameworks.
  • Knowledge of containers and orchestration platforms like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Dev-ops practices like CICD.
  • Some knowledge or experience of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or GCP.
  • Certification in web programming.
  • Strong skills in paper writing.