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R Programmer

This position is closed as on 2021-03-01

Technical expertise


  • Primary Skills (Must-have)


    • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient codes
    • Good Understanding of Datatypes (numeric, integer, character, factor, boolean etc.)  & Data Structures (Vector, Array, Matrix, Dataframe, List etc.), Inter-Conversion between these data structures.
    • File IO & File Formats (Reading and Writing txt, csv, excel, psv, rds & rda files)
    • Conditional & Iterative control statements & Handling of date values in R.
    • Functions (User Defined & Built-in functions), Apply functions & Operators (Logical, Relational & Special Operators)
    • Sub setting using indices, names, Boolean values on different data structures.
    • Variable Scoping & Environments (Global & Local Environments)
    • Data Wrangling (Joins, Sorting, searching etc.) & Manipulation of Data frames (Addition / Deletion of rows & columns, Filtering, Grouping, Summarizing etc.)
    • Good knowledge of common data processing packages like dplyr, tidyr, lubridate, purr, data.table etc.
    • Visualization (Using base-R, ggplot, plotly etc.)
    • R-Packaging, Versioning
    • Building dashboards using frameworks like Shiny
    • Basic unix/linux commands


  • Secondary Skills (Good-to have)


    • Object Oriented Programming (Classes & Objects)
    • REST API using Plumber & Rest RServe
    • Knowledge of RHadoop, ORCH, RHIPE, Hadoop Streaming etc. and processing of large data sets in R
    • Knowledge of using TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch from R
    • Knowledge of ODBC package within R
    • Experience of Angular or React frameworks



2-3 years of experience of working as a R programmer

  • Working knowledge of R libraries used for Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Building data pipelines in R
  • Manipulating large data sets using R
  • Creating REST APIs and Shiny applications using R
  • Creating visualization using R
  • Experience of production deployment
  • Experience of unit testing and integration testing