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Sr. Manager, Policy Research

Navi Mumbai, India

This position is closed as on 2021-06-11

Reporting Structure

Reports to VH, System Audit vertical


Master’s in Public Policy, or Communications, Psychology, Statistics, Economics, Political Science, Behavioural or Social Science or a related quantitative field.

Experience (years)

  • 10+ years of experience


  • Research and Communication


We are seeking a thought leader in technology policy to advise senior information technology business leaders and cyber security practitioners through deep and broad subject matter expertise.

You are focused on results, a self-starter, and have demonstrated success in using analytics to answer policy-relevant questions.

  • Research trends in BFSI, fintech, cybersecurity awareness and technical advancements and regulatory space
  • Keep track of trends, adoptions and transformations and their likely impacts on security and privacy
  • Browse, study and comprehend diverse and contemporary knowledge sources. Apply the learnings to various inward and outward deliveries
  • Understand the regulatory environment for the BFSI sector and identify means and mechanisms for successful policy execution and implementation
  • Manage research and study projects, manage in-house and outsourced research project teams, and derive desired value from the awarded project
  • Monitor and assess issues triggered by technology adoption, evaluate possible impact and ramifications, examine how they are affecting interest of various parties involved and study how they affect citizen’s right
  • Conduct policy consultation workshops and meetings for understanding various dimensions involved in policy formulations and their ramifications to diverse stakeholders
  • Writing and editing reports for external publications, including blog posts, white papers, and standards and specification publication
  • Collaborate with academic, governmental, and industry stakeholders on development of specifications and standards
  • Outreach among key stakeholders to communicate our efforts
  • Devise a mechanism for managing knowledge assets, data and other base material for their effective utilization
  • Partner with Audit, Data Science, Cyber Security and Project Management teams to solve problems and identify trends and opportunities.
  • Work on data visualizations, find ways for presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand complex, multidimensional policy questions.


Skills and Qualifications

You would need to have:

  • High degree of personal integrity and purpose driven approach of professional conduct
  • Ability to initiate and drive policy research and outreach projects to completion with minimal guidance
  • Excellent organizational, time management, presentation, verbal and written communication skills
  • Expertise in statistical methods and data visualization tools
  • Exceptional sense of humour along with phenomenal foosball or football skills

We are looking for a polymath with strong understanding of Indian policy space and auxiliary expertise in technology, law or finance. Ability to translate this expertise into outreach efforts to a wide spectrum of audience through digital and other channels would be an added advantage.