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Life At ReBIT

What do we do?

Act as a catalyst for innovation, big system and ideas.


Improve the cybersecurity posture of the financial sector


Guide regulated entities in their IT areas of Operation


Strengthen Reserve Bank's role as regulator

Why ReBIT?

Here's why our team loves working at ReBIT!


“What is absolutely exciting about my role in ReBIT is the immense opportunity to collaborate, create, learn and make an impact. The access to industry stalwarts, experts in academia and the apex regulatory authorities is a privilege in itself. The experience of being immersed in an ambitious start-up - donning various hats, learning new things and building a new brand, day by day, is truly enriching. I am grateful to be part of a close-knit team and an open, autonomous culture.”

Anupama Narayanan

Senior Manager, Marketing & Brand


"The decision to join ReBIT after spending a decade and a half in IT Consultancy brought a lot of fresh perspective to my life. Professionally, it has provided me with an opportunity to not only work for the prestigious central bank of the country but also be involved in the roadmap definition with many small steps leading to the Digital India vision. On a personal note, it has given me the opportunity to 'officially' settle down with my family in Mumbai with local travels to customer (RBI) location, a distant dream in the hectic work at my previous organizations."

Trayambkeshwar Vatsa

AVP, Enterprise Architecture


“What is the key indicator of a good job?
The answer is really simple: ‘if you feel more enthusiastic about Mondays than Fridays, then you are at the right place.’ This is the feeling I get while working at ReBIT. In the security industry, where change is the only constant, my job demands that I stay on top of cutting edge security solutions, learn about new technologies and the latest cyber threats in banking and non-banking financial services. This role is not just about working on the tasks assigned, but also demands that we introduce industry best-practices and carry out continuous Research and Innovation. Besides technology, audits and inspection, I also manage to spend my time towards personal growth, go gymming and also get to plan vacations. With such opportunities for personal and professional growth, I am absolutely happy at ReBIT!”

Harshada Desai - Muthe

Manager, IT General Controls


“The first day I walked into ReBIT I knew I am here to stay. Little did I know that my stay will be filled with high impact work, tremendous learning opportunities and seniors who always instil confidence. What would you do when your company believes in you tremendously…it gives you a new high to perform your best.Right from selection of office space, to what goes inside it, to getting to work with the CEO and Directors directly, to drafting policies and frameworks, my opinion matters in ReBIT and that makes it the best place for a steep career graph…I am home.”


Manager, Finance

ReBIT Calendar 2021 ReBIT Calendar 2021

ReBIT’s Monk is here with his words of wisdom, this year on how to make sustainable choices and do our bit for the environment. So sit back and flip (albeit digitally) through his journey over the next 12 months. Click on the image alongside to download high resolution wallpaper images and pdf version of the calendar. And don’t forget to share the word and help our Monk spread his message far and wide.

Scaling the Heights: ReBITians Listen to an Everester Scaling the Heights: ReBITians Listen to an Everester

“You can conquer the metaphorical Mount Everest in work life if you are ready to learn and perform any tasks with 100 percent dedication,” quipped Mr Suhail Sharma, Superintendent of Police, Sangli, Maharashtra. Mr Sharma, an IPS officer of 2012 batch, who climbed Mount Everest on May 20, 2016, was addressing ReBIT team. He shared amazing perspectives to ReBITians in an online learning session that focused on his takeaways from his expedition to Mount Everest and how it molded him into a better person and officer.

Moment to Pause and Ponder: ReBIT’s Fourth Foundation Day Celebrations ReBIT_FoundationDay

From organizing lectures of industry stalwarts and in-house experts to celebrating festivals, cultural and sports events, our OneReBIT team excels in creating wonderful memories for ReBITians. The commemoration of ReBIT’s fourth Foundation Day was another memorable occasion for all ReBITians and the distinguished guests of the day. They gathered online to cherish and reflect on the significant milestone.

No Bounds at ReBITians' Sporting Gala football

The brains that have gotten used to solving complex problems in the world of IT and cyber security were in for a different challenge. They were not solving or investigating cyber hacks or managing IT projects. Instead, they were seen gathering their wits and might to prove themselves in the world of sports. At the inauguration of ReBIT’s first annual sports day event, there was unlimited joy and team-spirit among ReBITians. Though the playground was alive with ReBITians cheering for their teams, the prequalifying rounds were held over a period of last one month in ReBIT’s premises and various grounds.

ReBIT Calendar 2020 Rebit calendar2020

Greetings, dear one. I'm going to be your friendly guide who pops up each month with wisdom and tips on how to be secure in the Cyber World. Since I made it my noble mission to spread knowledge on security awareness, and to help people protect themselves from cyber threats, I'm known by the name of 'Cyber Monk.’ I will be your dear desk buddy who will show you simple and easy ways to remember and practice cyber safety and be secure mindfully! You've heard the root of suffering is attachment. While that's the sutra to remember before you open any attachments from emails, there are some more to keep in mind. I will help you learn these tips by linking them to special days, festivals or seasons in the year and I'm sure you will have fun learning.