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Moment to Pause and Ponder: ReBIT’s Fourth Foundation Day Celebrations

Moment to Pause and Ponder: ReBIT’s Fourth Foundation Day Celebrations

July 7, 2020

From organizing lectures of industry stalwarts and in-house experts to celebrating festivals, cultural and sports events, our OneReBIT team excels in creating wonderful memories for ReBITians. The commemoration of ReBIT’s fourth Foundation Day was another memorable occasion for all ReBITians and the distinguished guests of the day. They gathered online to cherish and reflect on the significant milestone.

Mr Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT welcome the esteemed guests and said that this was the time to pause, and ponder about ReBIT’s journey, gather feedback from stakeholders and think about what lies ahead in the future. He commented that during the present COVID19 crisis, the role of technology has become even more central. It is up to the ReBIT team to be audacious in our vision, and efficient in its deployment.

ReBIT’s creative team presented the fourth-anniversary video to showcase the company’s milestones, culture and the collaborative efforts of ReBITians during the last few months of lockdown.

Mr T Rabi Sankar, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, shared his thoughts on the occasion. He pointed out that ReBIT employees will be proud at a later point of time in their life for their contribution to the organisation. He referred to the satisfaction that one derived from working in a public enterprise and contributing to policy making, and related it to his own fulfilling career at the central bank of our country. He congratulated ReBIT’s team on the occasion.

Mr Kiran Karnik, Chairman, ReBIT Board, spoke about the ubiquitous role of technology for enabling remote working and ensuring that the economy did not come to a standstill in many parts of the country. He also dwelled upon the fulfilment that one derives from working in a government enterprise by contributing to a bigger purpose. He called upon ReBITians to give out their best to strengthen the partnerships between technology requirements and banking. Mr Karnik congratulated ReBITians on their achievements and appealed them to stay calm, safe, not to panic and continue doing their good work.

Mr Jayaraman Pazhamalai, Senior Vice President and Head, Systems Audit Vertical, ReBIT appreciated the wonderful insights on personal and professional life that were shared by the guest speakers of the day, during his concluding remarks. “It is a great pride for each of us to join ReBIT and contribute to the national cause through phenomenal work,” he averred.

Mr Ranjeet Rane, Manager, Tech Policy Research, ReBIT captured the key takeaways from speakers, organised an impeccable event and also acted as the online emcee.

Through this event, ReBITians relived the year’s happenings, and reinforced their sense of purpose in joining a public sector start-up. Their work continues in Year Five of ReBIT’s journey.