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Scaling the Heights: ReBITians Listen to an Everester

Scaling the Heights: ReBITians Listen to an Everester

July 23, 2020

“You can conquer the metaphorical Mount Everest in work life if you are ready to learn and perform any tasks with 100 percent dedication,” quipped Mr Suhail Sharma, Superintendent of Police, Sangli, Maharashtra. Mr Sharma, an IPS officer of 2012 batch, who climbed Mount Everest on May 20, 2016, was addressing ReBIT team. He shared amazing perspectives to ReBITians in an online learning session that focused on his takeaways from his expedition to Mount Everest and how it molded him into a better person and officer.

Ms Ranjani Chandru, Senior Manager and HR Business Partner, ReBIT introduced Mr Sharma particularly mentioning his passion for technology.

While commencing his speech, Mr Sharma emphasized on reading books as it is easy to learn from the failures of other people instead of learning from one’s own failures. He talked about his preparation in a makeshift gym in Budhana district during training. He took leave to join the Chaurikhang base camp in Sikkim to practise rock-climbing and other skill building activities. The experiential learning equipped him for the expedition.

He narrated some chilling moments due to an earthquake-triggered avalanche during his expedition to Mount Everest in 2015. He was lying unconscious beneath debris due to the dislodging of ice from the mountain and regained his senses only after an hour, during the evacuation process. As he convalesced in Kathmandu, he thought long and hard about whether he should go back. He said that he finally decided that he is not going to run away and eventually went back.

Mr Sharma also paid rich tributes to some people who became his friends during the preparations and climb to Mount Everest. He referred to them individually as ‘Men in the Arena,’ since they lost their lives in the expedition. “They have seen victory and defeat in its fullest values,” he applauded. He spoke of the value of friendship when he narrated how his friend shared his oxygen cylinder despite running low on his own supply. Terming the expedition to Mount Everest as a test of grit, he said that you can achieve any mission if you have the determination and the competence.

During the Q&A session, Mr Sharma elaborated upon the several personal learnings from the expedition. One example is that he has stopped reacting to situations. He has also realized that by being patient and taking time to act, it is easier to solve problems. While revealing that his passion for mountains and valleys is never-ending, he also added that he has mentored and helped others in fulfilling their dreams of climbing Mount Everest, after his successful expedition to the mountain in 2016.

Mr Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT appreciated the speaker for sharing his insight. He mentioned that any other person would have stopped after making it to the IPS. He also related the talk to two of ReBIT’s core values: Integrity and Excellence. He also lauded the speaker for his reserves and the stamina in handling a trying situation like the current COVID-19 pandemic and being helpful to people in the district.

ReBITians were much enthused by the discourse and the unique lessons that were shared during the day. These will go a long way in rededicating themselves to the tasks at hand.