Reserve Bank Information Technology Pvt Ltd (ReBIT) has been set up by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to take care of the IT requirements, including the cyber security needs of the Reserve Bank and its regulated entities.

ReBIT will focus on IT and cyber security (including related research) of the financial sector and assist in IT systems audit and assessment of the RBI regulated entities; advise, implement and manage internal or system-wide IT projects (both the existing & the new) of the Reserve Bank as mutually decided between the Reserve Bank and ReBIT.

ReBIT will act as a catalyst for innovation, big systems and new ideas apart from having the capability to guide the regulated entities in the IT areas of their operations as also for the RBI’s IT related functions and initiatives. Given the need for inter-operability and cross-institutional cooperation, ReBIT will effectively participate in setting up of standards to strengthen Reserve Bank’s role as regulator.

ReBIT will have the following four verticals to support its mission : 

  • Cyber Security :  To enhance the trust and reliability of RBI's infrastructure for assurance and resilience
  • Research and Innovation : To empower Indian banking industry through creative technology solutions based on research, and by tapping the synergy among key stakeholders
  • Systems Audit : To support validation and enforcement of regulatory guidance on cyber security for the banking sector, through excellence in audit, analytics and forensics
  • Project Management : To leverage lean and agile development capability for creating and operating reliable and empowering systems, and delivering delightful user experience

ReBIT invites skilled and dedicated professionals to contribute to its mission. ReBIT offers the opportunity of working on exciting and important projects. Our values are excellence, collaboration and innovation. We will offer an autonomous work environment.

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