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Friday the 15th of December, 2017 was a special occasion for us, as members of the ReBIT Board of Directors chose to visit the ReBIT office, located at Cyber One, Vashi and interact with the start-up team.

The open house session included a vibrant presentation on the life and work at ReBIT, and featured a 3-minute video montage that succinctly captured the spirit of ‘OneReBIT’ – a people engagement initiative, run by an internal team itself, aimed at building a culture of collaboration and unity.

After the welcome remarks by Mr Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT, the visiting Board members addressed the employees. , Mr Rajesh Doshi narrated his experience of contributing to setting up NSDL, vital component of country’s financial infrastructure, braving odds through sense of purpose and team spirit. Mr Doshi said he was excited to see ReBIT undergoing the same journey over the past one year.

Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan emphasized on the need to build a company culture centered on its core values – one where new members who join the ReBIT family are able to align themselves to the organization’s vision and deliver to the best of their abilities, without any overarching supervision.

Finally, the Chairman, Mr. Kiran Karnik, elucidated the need for every member of the team to stay abreast of rapidly evolving industry trends – especially in the areas of FinTech, RegTech and remain committed to making ReBIT a 'Knowledge-Centric’ company in the long run.

The session ended with a short Q & A session and a vote of thanks. The exchange of ideas and experiences with the industry luminaries served huge source of inspiration for ReBIT-ians, who went back all energized, to contribute to ReBIT’s vision – Be a trusted technology partner to enable resilient Indian banking.