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About Us

Our Vision

Be a trusted technology partner for Resilient Indian banking

  • Quick facts
  • Founded 2016
  • Team 520+

Our Mission

  • Build a world class team of skilled professionals, motivated to contribute to the national cause

  • Deliver and manage IT projects of RBI for a productive and delightful user experience through collaboration and excellence

  • Assist RBI in performing risk-based supervision of regulated entities through security audits and incident analysis

  • Improve cyber resilience of the banking sector through collaboration with key stakeholders to promote best practices, drive policy research and build innovative technology solutions

  • Safeguard RBI assets by detecting and responding to cyber-threats through architecting and operating state-of-the-art security infrastructure and services


Our Values

Everything we do at ReBIT is underpinned by our core values.

Our Values

Everything we do at ReBIT is underpinned by our core values.


The overarching purpose, of ensuring the resilience of Indian banking, gets translated into our prime value, of being of service to our stakeholders.


We will be mindful that earning, and keeping, the trust of our stakeholders, will help us understand their needs better, and create optimal solutions for them.


The harmony between intent, thought, expression and action, as defined through the quality of integrity, is what we strive for.

Diversity and Inclusion

Complexity of today’s world can only be tackled by inclusivity and diversity, of our team and our thinking. We embrace differences and meld them into our resolute purpose.


Solutions of today need to solve tomorrow’s problems and cannot rely on yesterday’s tantra and mantra. Our appetite for knowledge gives us the skill and the strength to dare and to deliver.


Moving closer to the best that we can be, is the journey of excellence that we have undertaken.


We collaborate; to ideate and to deliver innovative solutions; amongst ourselves, and with our stakeholders and partners. Together, we can do what individually we can not.