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Learning Series

Learning Series #4

ReBIT Learning Series #4

Insightful lectures on two diverse topics ‘Social Media Analytics for Central Banking’ and ‘Building Institutions: Purpose, Innovation and Excellence,’ formed the core of ReBIT Learning Series #4. The distinguished speakers of the day Prof Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (PK as he is called fondly), and Dr Sadanand Date, IPS spoke about their unique experiences and contemporary trends in their area of specialisation.

Mr Jayaraman Pazhamalai, SVP and Head of System Audit Vertical, ReBIT welcomed fellow ReBITians, RBI colleagues and Mr Nandakumar Palani, CEO, IFTAS. He emphasized that it is a platform for gathering ‘wealth of knowledge’ and introduced the distinguished speakers of the day.


Mr Nandkumar Palani appreciated the idea of the learning series, and also the ReBIT corporate video which was shared on the occasion. Since the company is expanding rapidly, he advised ReBIT to adapt to higher maturity levels and process improvements.


During his exploratory talk, Prof PK, Associate Professor (CSE), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi suggested various use cases for an extensive use of the social media analytical applications by RBI. He also added that this is the most appropriate time to initiate it due to the already high level of social media consumption. While commenting on social media strategies he opined that it is important to adopt a nuanced approach.


Dr Sadanand Date, Joint Secretary, GoI, New Delhi shared several interesting experiences from his career as an officer of the Indian Police Service. “Authority can be delegated, but not the responsibility,” he quipped. He also spoke about his experience of setting up Force One, the Counter-Terror unit of Maharashtra Police, and the values imbibed in them right from the start. He emphasized: “Performance and rank should not matter to anyone in the organization” and “When you are successful, performance parameters will change.”


Mr Nandkumar Saravade, CEO, ReBIT thanked the speakers for the insightful discussions and added that ReBIT will take cues from Dr Date’s speech to enrich its values. Mr Ranjeet Rane, Manager – Policy Research, ReBIT and Ms Shikha Pathak, Associate Manager – Policy Research, ReBIT, the masters of ceremony for the event engaged the audience further with Fintech Quiz and interesting anecdotes, respectively.


Mr Aditya Raijada, Senior Manager, Cyber Security Incident Analytics recapped the key discussion points of the speakers and thanked RBI dignitaries and his colleagues for organizing a successful event.


The fourth learning series, also the annual edition of the event proved to be a great knowledge sharing platform for ReBITians and other present.