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At ReBIT, we serve the IT and cybersecurity needs of RBI.
We strive to improve the cyber resilience of the Indian banking industry.
We assist RBI in IT audit and assessment of its regulated entities.

We act as a catalyst for innovation in regtech, fintech, cybersecurity and spearhead related research.
Given the need for inter-operability and cross-institutional cooperation, we effectively participate in setting up of standards to strengthen Reserve Bank’s role as a regulator.

  • Corporate Identity

    Our corporate identity draws on a strong association with banking (Re - Rupee) and Information Technology (BIT - Basic unit of computing).

    Corporate Identity
  • Cyber Security

    Safeguard RBI assets by detecting and responding to cyber-threats through architecting and operating state-of-the-art security infrastructure and services

    img cyber security
  • Research & Innovation

    Improve cyber resilience of the banking sector through collaboration with key stakeholders to promote best practices, drive policy research and build innovative technology solutions

    Research and Innovation
  • Project Management

    Deliver and manage IT projects of RBI for a productive and delightful user experience through collaboration and excellence

    Project Management
  • Systems Audit

    Assist RBI in performing risk-based supervision of regulated entities through security audits and incident analysis

    systems audit
  • Corporate Identity

  • Cyber Security

  • Research & Innovation

  • Project Management

  • Systems Audit


Our Culture



We are a world class team of skilled professionals, motivated to contribute to the national cause

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  • I believe that the individual career growth curve has significantly improved just in the last few months. The organisation is committed to the long term vision, understands the importance of its people and has the ability to tap into their potential...

    Arunim SaxenaManager, ReBIT


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