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Deploy a Cybersecurity Awareness Program

  • Date : 16 November 2017

  • Time : 11:00 AM to 09:58 AM IST

  • Topic : Deploy a Cybersecurity Awareness Program

  • Collaborators : Infosys


Employees are often the weakest link in the security chain of an organization. Despite having strong technical controls, one small negligence from an employee (e.g. clicking on phishing link, downloading a malware from internet etc.) could result in a major impact for the organization. Embedding a positive security culture amongst the employees is vital for any organization. Building a positive security behavior shall be a key constituent of the awareness strategy for enterprises. Measures adopted towards building a positive security behavior shall strengthen the overall security posture of organizations thereby reducing incidents and enhancing customer confidence.

An effective information security awareness program will help in minimizing the probability of employees falling prey to malicious attacks and information going into wrong hands. Employees shall be made aware of what are the right (Good) and wrong (Bad) security behaviors. They should also be able to identify security threats and vulnerabilities and report security incidents.

In this webinar we discussed in-depth the risks related to organizations that needs to focus on including awareness culture as a vital component in their awareness strategy.

Outcome of the webinar

  1. Importance of having a strong Information security awareness strategy

  2. Information security culture – A key constituent of awareness for enterprises.

  3. Why a behavioral change is needed amongst employees on a topic like Information security ?

  4. Risks of being left behind on security awareness when global enterprises are focusing on Information security culture to counter the latest threats emanating globally.


Vishal Salvi

CISO Infosys

Vishal Salvi is a Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for the Infosys group. He is responsible for the overall information and cyber security strategy and its implementation across Infosys Group. He has over 24+ years of industry experience in Cybersecurity and Information Technology, in different Industries.

Prior to joining Infosys, he has performed various leadership roles in Cybersecurity and Information Technology in PwC, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Global Trust Bank, Development Credit Bank and Crompton Greaves.

Vishal has extensive management and domain experience in driving the Cybersecurity program in all key aspects i.e. Policy, Standards, Procedures, Awareness, Identity & Access Management, IT-GRC, Network Security, Incident Response, Security Monitoring, Malware protection, Cyber fraud management, Security configuration, Compliance, On-line Banking and ecommerce, Cryptography, Data Protection, Third Party Management, Business Continuity Planning, Cyber Security and Fusion Centres etc. He is a well-known leader in Cybersecurity industry within India as well as globally and has been part of the Cybersecurity domain for past 17+ years. He is a regular speaker in major local and global Cybersecurity conferences for sharing best practices and raising the Cybersecurity awareness across the industry. He is part of various Advisory Councils and Boards to provide leadership and direction on various Cybersecurity frameworks and standards to drive adoption of cyber security across industry. He has participated in various cases studies related to cyber security practices over the past decade. Vishal holds a degree in computer science engineering and MBA in Finance. His certifications include CISM and DSCI Certified Privacy Professional. He has received numerous awards from prestigious institutions such as DSCI, CSO Forum, ISACA etc.